ACY was founded in 2013, specialized in trading technology and education.
As a leader in the industry, our presence is truly global
and our services are highly regarded both domestically and internationally.
Investors benefit from the low spreads and high liquidity that we offer.
With our technology platform, we can provide competitive offers to our clients.

  • 2013

    2013-melbourne ACY History

    ACY was founded in 2013 and aims to provide traders with an excellent online Forex trading environment, professional customer service and Forex trading education.

  • 2014 June

    history-img1 ACY History

    ACY moved its headquarter to the world’s global financial center, and began to expand into the international market.

  • 2014 July history-img9 ACY History

    ACY began the cooperation with OANDA, the fifth largest Forex broker in the world, by providing trading education seminars, Forex analysis and one-on-one training programs, to expand Oanda’s core business globally.

  • 2015 April

    history-img2 ACY History

    ACY held a financial summit in coordination with two premier universities; the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. The event not only detailed the current state of the Australian and world economies but also explored the future direction of the Chinese economy.

  • 2015 June

    history-img3 ACY History

    ACY set up its first international office in Shanghai, China. providing localised services to Greater China regions and further expansion in Asia Pacific areas.

  • 2015 October

    history-img4 ACY History

    ACY held a senior financial and investment forum, inviting renowned former institutional trader, Master Sang, to share his unique trading tips with investors. Investors were hugely impressed by the wide range of his trading strategies and advice as well as his correct forecast of various market trends.

  • 2015 November

    history-img5 ACY History

    ACY launched an elite financial class at Jiaying College, Guangzhou. The program is centered around a financial knowledge and money theory workshop, as well as an online demo trading competition. More than 500 economic majored students participated into the competition.

  • 2015 November

    history-img6 ACY History

    ACY launched the MT4 for web trading platform. Users can trade on any browser and it is supported by all operating systems (Window, iOS, Linux), without the need to download additional applications.

  • 2015 December

    download-img ACY History

    In line with our philosophy of continuous improvement and to provide  more competitive trading environment, ACY reduced spreads for currency pairs by up to 40%.

  • 2016 August

    history-img7 ACY History

    To make it easier for customers to manage accounts and improve the customer experience, ACY developed and launched the new client-Portal, CLOUDHUB, which provides a variety of services to show customer transactions history and further enhancements to our affiliate program. It is a full-featured, easy to operate platform that provides clients with a more convenient investing process as well as superior account management capabilities.

  • 2017 February

    history-img8 ACY History

    Re-Brand ACY website..
    To make it easier for customers to manage accounts and improve customers’ experience.

  • 2017 February

    2017-shenzhen ACY History

    ACY set up an international office in Shenzhen, China, which aims to provide a more efficient and comprehensive service to customers, so that customers can have a premium customer experience.

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