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1. The events on ACY’s economic calendar are based on announced economic indicators, financial events, and timetables from governments.

2. ACY does not guarantee that all economic indicators and financial events occur on time, because governments may change or postpone the time occasionally due to their own reasons, and this situation is difficult to control.

3. "Previous" refers to the data of the last published value, for example, the announced data is the United States unemployment rate in March, "Previous" refers to the unemployment rate in February. Other periods can infer like this, for instance, the quarterly data of the "previous" corresponds to the previous quarterly data, weekly data of the "previous" corresponds to the data of the previous week. If the published data is the revised value and the final value, the "Previous" refers to the previously published value of the data, such as the “Previous” value of United States first quarter GDP revised value is the first quarter GDP initial value; the "Previous” value of GDP final value is the first quarter GDP revised value.

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