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title-en ACY Monthly Prize Draw One step away from changing your life! Being ACY’s loyal traders, we are rewarding you with FANTASTIC prizes
Maserati Gran Turismo, Benz SL500, MINI Copper Sport, and many more.
crownWithBorder ACY Monthly Prize Draw Awards Prize dots ACY Monthly Prize Draw To show our appreciation to your years of support, we are providing generous awards for our new and existing clients.
You will have a chance to win one of the valuable prizes with minimum deposit of USD $2,000.
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Supreme Prize A You deserve to drive this luxury car with your trading dedication!
masBig ACY Monthly Prize Draw
Maserati – Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo is recognized as one of the most fashionable cars in the world. It is designed for people who are energetic and pursue unparalleled driving experience. Sitting in a Gran Turismo that features elegance, functions and stunning beauty, admiring the graceful curves of the body of the car, and the handmade interior decorations, feeling the delightful booming of the engine on your eardrums when it roars—speed and passion, elegance and nobility—Gran Turismo has said it all.
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Supreme Prize B Trading with SPEED can sharpen your mindset and build up your confidence!
Mercedes – Benz SL500
The driving experience presented by Mercedes SL500 carrying the new 8-cylinder engine is as extraordinary as its motive power. Whether you are zigzagging on a country path or having a long drive on the express way, an SL500 with an output power of 285 KW (388 horsepower) is sure to fill your every journey with fun. A maximum torque of 530 Newton meter, a 5.4 s accelerating time from 0 to 100 km/h, and the powerful low roars that only V8 can make are impressive to all.
benzBig ACY Monthly Prize Draw
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Supreme Prize C Driving MINI while winning BIG in trading!
miniBig-EN ACY Monthly Prize Draw
MINI Cooper – Convertible
A chic design, a style of Go cart and smart technologies, MINI Cooper convertible sports car prepares for the next adventure in the open air, seeking excitements for travels; and what it offers is not just as simple as a convertible, but also the “Go-cart like manoeuvring” that MINI has always said. Driving a convertible against the wind is liberating and stylish. More air, more skies, more sunshine. Bigger power, more designs, more processes. More space, more freedom, more excitement and more joy. Who wouldn’t love a Go-cart + convertible like this?
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Crown Prize Enjoy Australia’s sunshine, beach and wine!
aussieBig-en ACY Monthly Prize Draw
7 Days Aussie Luxury Holiday
5-star hotel (2 adults + 2 children recommended)
Have not just a glance at this country, feel the enormous possibilities of this land, one with so many charming contradictories: passionate but peaceful, wild but serene, modern but classical. She has got colourful marine worlds, vigorous forests, passionate beaches and varied cultures that are waiting for you to discover. Travel destination suggestions: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Keynes and Great Barrier Reef, etc.
computerBig ACY Monthly Prize Draw
Alienware AREA-51 Supreme desktop
Performance monster, triangular body; Perfect combination of performances and aesthetics designs making you find yourself indulging in it; Ground-breaking and wedge-shaped design, Realizing your passion for making a deal with technologies Smart Intel Core i7 processor, Broadwell-E series, premium configuration options, Amazing you with the outstanding performances of 12K. Having this machine is having the world.
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Diamond Prize Work and life, you can have both
iPad Pro 12.9 inch
A popular gadget combining work and entertainment; simple in working with emails, slideshows, texts, tables, schedules, discussions, and reports portable and watching videos, playing games and reading easy.
ipadBig ACY Monthly Prize Draw
Australian Most Trusted Health Products
Supreme black propolis: prevents and better various minor conditions; lowers blood sugar, adjusts blood fat, natural immune system strengthened, resists fatigue, protects liver and nourishing skin, etc. Fish oil: “cardiovascular guardian”. Helps to lower high blood sugar, high blood fat and high blood pressure; protects heart and brain; helps with inflammations and enhances the immune system. careBig ACY Monthly Prize Draw
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Gold Prize Chance of winning Hundred dollars
redbao ACY Monthly Prize Draw
crown ACY Monthly Prize Draw Deposit USD 2,000 to get a chance
of winning Maserati, Mercedes and, MINI.
100% of winning a prize; one person can only draw once per month
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iPadMobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
miniCooperMobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
dollar50Mobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
aussieMobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
Draw Now Winning result will be sent to your ACY account Email.
benzMobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
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masMobile ACY Monthly Prize Draw
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ico-pen ACY Monthly Prize DrawAbout Us
ACY is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and is led by a management team with extensive industry expertise. ACY aims to always provide a convenient and transparent trading environment and also offers industry leading trading education and services.
about-us ACY Monthly Prize Draw
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Terms and conditions • Clients who deposit over (or equal to) 2,000 USD through FASA Pay or DOKU are qualified to participate this promotion, only once per month. • The promotion starts from 1st Aug 2017 and finish on 31st Dec 2017. • All participants have 100% of winning prizes, and will be announced by e-mails. • Chance to draw, will be reset on first day of the month • ACY reserves the right for final prize determinations
Terms and conditions of receiving prizes • Clients who drew “Maserati– Gran Turismo”, “Mercedes-Benz SL500”, “MINI Cooper – Convertible”, “Alienware AREA-51”, “iPad Pro” and “Aussie Health-care Products”, are required to reply an e-mail to confirm the account information within 3 working days. After receiving your e-mail, ACY will contact you within 3 working days and confirm detail information from you; otherwise, it will be cancelled if you cannot be contacted in 3 working days. Since prizes have not been purchased prior to the promotion, equivalent value of money would be transferred to your trading account if ACY cannot acquire the prizes at the time. • Clients who drew “7 days for Aussie luxury travel” are required to start the trip within 6 months after the prize confirmation. Within this period, ACY would apply for reimbursement by invoice of hotels and tickets for attractions, maximum to 15,000 USD • Clients who drew “100 USD bonus”, “50 USD bonus” and “30 USD bonus”, which can be withdrawn, ACY would transfer corresponding amount of funds to your account within 3 working days.
* Deposit minimum USD 2,000 will get a chance to draw a price once per month. * At ACY, the minimum amount of withdrawal is 50 USD. * For customers, agents, and anyone relevant to this promotion, ACY has the right to cancel or withhold your prizes, if terms and conditions are determined to be misused. All decisions are final
By participating this promotion ACY maintains the right to change the terms of promotion policy at any time. All changes will be considered retroactive and applicable to any previously applied prizes. Notices will be given to clients via posting on the website or email. ACY Capital will not be held responsible for failure on the part of the client to regularly review and confirm posted terms and conditions. ACY reserves the right to deny any prizes based on its sole discretion and without notice.