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Aston Martin DB11
Beautiful is Evolutionary
USD 250,000
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Porsche Panamera
Courage Changes Everything
USD 150,000
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Masterpiece of Intelligence
USD 60,000
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Surface Hub 2 80″
Unlock the Power of the Group
USD 15,000
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7 Days Australia Luxury Travel
Dream Trip
USD 15,000
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iPhone Xs Max 512GB
Think Different
USD 2,000
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Cash Prizes $500/$100/$50/$30
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How to Participate
01Open a live account with ACY
02Deposit accumulated $2,000 within a month
03Click on the “Lottery Turntable” on the page
04Log in with your CloudHub details
05Start spinning and get the prize
Terms and conditions
Promotion Period
Is there any limitation of drawing monthly?
Clients who deposit over (or equal to) 2,000 USD are qualified to participate this promotion, only once per month.
Please note
Deposit minimum USD 2,000 will get a chance to draw a prize once per month.

At ACY, the minimum amount of withdrawal is 50 USD.

For customers, agents, and anyone relevant to this promotion, ACY has the right to cancel or withhold your prizes, if terms and conditions are determined to be misused.
About Us
ACY was established in Sydney, Australia and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). ACY is led by a management team with extensive industry expertise.
ACY aims to always provide a convenient and transparent trading environment and also offers industry leading trading education and services. Customer funds are held with tire one global banks to ensure full regulatory compliance and provide the safety of client funds.
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