ACY Professional Courses
ACY is dedicated to offer professional courses to investors at all levels. The courses provide the fundamental knowledge required for successful trading. These courses help investors gain more in-depth, comprehensive, and unique understanding of financial market changes and market trends, giving traders the opportunity to maximize their profits.

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Introductory Course

We believe that in order for traders to really succeed in the foreign exchange market, they need to have solid foundation. The introductory course is designed specifically for traders with limited experience. Through the courses, our trainers can provide novices with key trading fundamentals and tips gained from years of trading experience.
The courses provide knowledge on:

  • Forex trading fundamentals
  • How to trade with leverage
  • How to earn profits in both rising and falling markets
  • What kinds of factors affect exchange rates
  • Getting started with MT4 trading platforms

Advanced Courses
In the constantly changing foreign exchange market, only experienced traders can continually being profitable. Our advanced courses are designed for clients who already have trading experience but are ready to move beyond the fundamentals. The courses are designed to help you solve the most common trading problems you may encounter. Areas covered include:

  • Deeper interpretation of market fundamentals
  • Technical analysis and application of indicators
  • Short-term trading strategies
  • Managing trading risk
  • Developing an exclusive trading plan
  • Trading psychology
  • Common traits of successful traders
trading-course-img2 Trading Courses

One-on-One Customised Services

If your personal requirements cannot be met through our seminars or courses,
you can also make an appointment to meet in person with one of our account managers.
If you are not located in Sydney, our account managers can also call you at your convenience.
Not matter what your circumstances, we can tailor an exclusive learning program to suit you.

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