Whether you are a trading educating company, a fund manager, or a provider with value-added services for traders, ACY can customize solutions to meet your needs through a specialized affiliate program.

forexaffiliate1 Forex Affiliate

Advantages of Joining ACY

  • We can help you expand your business
  • Give your customers access to the leading online trading platform
  • Business development guidelines
  • Provide great returns to help you succeed

Cooperation plan

ACY_IB_English-514x337 Forex Affiliate

IB Program:

ACY’s Introducing Broker (IB) program provides you with a stable and high return partnership that gives you continuing rewards for introducing new clients.

A Referral Program:

Invite friends to open an account with ACY and both you and your friends will receive referral bonuses when they deposit and trade.

ACY_whitelable_English-522x308 Forex Affiliate

White Label Program:

The ACY White Label Program provides branded solutions for institutional clients. You can promote your brand while we take care of all your technologies.

ACY_moneymanager_English-522x308 Forex Affiliate

Fund Managers Program:

Using our MAM platform you can combine flexible distribution and trading performance to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

How to become a partner?

Step 1: Choose a program
Choose from one of the above four program types
Step 2: Complete a short form
Fill in your basic personal information. If you have any trading experience, you can also fill it in.
Step 3: Activate
You will be contacted within 24 hours by an ACY institutional representative.

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