Trading CollegeThe foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market. The daily trading volume is up to $5.3 trillion US dollars and the foreign exchange market is the powerhouse behind tens of thousands of traders and financial companies. The daily turnover of the foreign exchange market is several times the sum of transactions in other financial markets such as the $300 billion US bond market or the $10 billion daily trading volume of other international stock markets.

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ACY Online Course ACY launched new online courses tailored for you. Whether you are a foreign exchange novice or an experienced investor, we believe that only those with a strong foundation and knowledge base can thrive in the foreign exchange market.

Market AnalysisACY provides you with timely and accurate analysis of market trends, including recent financial information and currency movements. Referring to the relevant investment advice can help you make the right decisions.

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Market Wrap

ACY provides you with daily access to key financial data, important economic, political and military news of the day as well as overnight financial market trends. It allows you to quickly catch up on the latest key market news.

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Economic Calendar

ACY offers investors updated financial calendars to help them pay attention to the fluctuating changes of the financial market and help them control risks.

E-booksWe understand the importance of training so we  emphasize that only you have mastered the fundamentals before entering the market. Our team of analysts have written an e-book with their years of trading experiences and the skills they have gained during that time, and it is available for you to download.

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Trading Courses

We organise regular training seminars to help traders enter the foreign exchange market and improve their trading skills. Including beginner, intermediate and advanced courses as well as one-on-one training.

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