Launch of Indonesia Trading Infrastructure

By: Eddy Peng Mar 19, 2018
20th March 2018 – Sydney ACY Capital (ACY), an Australian foreign exchange education and brokerage has undergone an integration of its service suite with Alibaba’s Newly Launched Data Centre in Indonesia, enhancing the cloud-based trading engine, helping extend retail client and institutional clients within Indonesia. The new integration will help allow ACY Capital’s clients to enjoy state-of-art execution environment within Indonesia, also allowing sophisticated traders to develop better cloud-base algorithmic trading within local data server. “The increase number of Indonesia traders has been in ACY’s focus for the last 12 months, and we are pleased to announce the new development of trading infrastructure within Indonesia, the additional service and technology ACY provide will remain free of charge, that also by saying all our spreads will be remain as low as 0.8pip for EUR and commission free.” Explained by ACY Capital’s Director Jimmy Ye in the launch of Alibaba’s Indonesia Cloud Services Conference. On March 15th, ACY Capital was invited to attend and witnessed a historic event – “Alibaba Cloud” in Indonesian region was officially in operation, which has been the very first foreign cloud service provider in Indonesia. The Alibaba Cloud data centre will also feature a MaxCompute big data facility, allowing users to store and process large amounts of data. 2-2 Launch of Indonesia Trading Infrastructure

Pic 1: Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara said SMEs and start-ups had made significant progress in Indonesia in recent years in terms of cloud adaptation and enthusiasm for digital transformation. 1-1 Launch of Indonesia Trading Infrastructure

Pic 2: Launch of Alibaba Indonesia Cloud Conference

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