The ACY Webinar Course has Started!

ACY can conduct online courses tailored to your experience level. Whether you are a foreign exchange novice or already have some experience, we firmly believe that in order to survive in the foreign exchange market you need solid foundations.

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We regularly conduct
new courses for investors
at different stages of trading,
including detailed information on:

  • What types of economic events affect the global financial environment
  • Insights into foreign exchange and precious metal market trends
  • How economic data presents trading opportunities
  • The simplest and most direct technical indicators and trading strategies

Introduction to ACY’s Lecturer

ACY Senior Analyst: Lucas Shu

  • Graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia with a Master of Marketing degree.
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder
  • Financial risk manager/financial planner
  • Greater China Region media commentator

Lucas has extensive experience in foreign exchange and stock market trading. He is an expert at combining fundamental analysis and a range of technical indicators for successful intraday trading. His can also teach you how to combine different commodity attributes with key trading psychology factors, take advantage of market trends, and the best ways to manage investor risk.

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